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100% Raw Wildcrafted Seamoss Chondrus Crispus 

Wildcrafted from ocean rocks, where the seamoss gets its minerals. Harvested wild, and offered to you as close to natural as available. Never dehydrated because dehydration has been proven to destroy products. The seamoss is semi-dried and left as close as possible to its natural, harvested, state.

This seamoss is allowed to be in natural sunlight. During this time, the seamoss, which is found naturally in various colors (black, green, red, purple, etc.) transforms into a beautiful gold like color. You may even see signs of the natural black, green, red, purple origins on your seamoss. Simply amazing! This seamoss, in it’s broad and beautiful, ocean moist, natural form, is available straight from the ocean, at the best value on the market! Especially considering the quality.

This seamoss is 100% pure, raw, and natural, so it will require some cleaning. This is wildcrafted seamoss, and as such, there may be some variances in color and shape based on growth stage, season, and harvest location. This is a wonderful sign of authentic wildcrafted seamoss. Natural sea salts or sand from the ocean, may be seen in product, which proves authenticity, and one of the reasons our customers feel assured in quality. Natural ocean smell, kept raw, so you have the highest quality, unheated seamoss, out there! Don’t be fooled by imitations! Put quality first!

Seamoss will have a strong ocean aroma. Only pure ocean water has been in contact with this seamoss.

*Seamoss will need to be washed and rinsed at time of preparation.

*Due to this being a perishable item, please store in a cool place.

*This item is raw, meaning, we have not added anything to it.

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