Healing Is The Mission

Jesus Heart Window Vinyl Decal Sticker

$11 $15


This reflective car sticker exterior decal is a great way to show the love of Jesus and spread his love and light wherever you go. Good for use on your car bumpers,  windows, truck, motorcycle, boat, surfboard, notebook, iPad, computer case, mirror, glass or any clean smooth surface that you want to decorate.

Note: The sticker is made of reflective material, therefore the white sticker seems like silver rather than pure white in natural light, but in dark environments, the sticker will be bright white by illuminating it with a light source.

  • Colors: White, Black, Blue, Gold, Multi, Pink, Red, Silver, Yellow
  • Will not damage upon removal
  • Size: 4" x 5"
  • Reflective


Shipping: May take up to 2-4 weeks for items to arrive from order processed date. 

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