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100% Natural Irish Sea Moss 


Harvested from the beautiful clear waters of St. Lucia, and offered to you as close to natural as available, this 100% natural Irish sea moss is sure to be everything you've been looking for. The sea moss is dried in natural sunlight, and left as close as possible to its natural, harvested, state.

During this time, the sea moss, which is found naturally in various colors (black, green, red, purple, etc.) transforms into a beautiful gold-like color. You may even see signs of the natural black, green, red, purple origins on your sea moss. Simply amazing!

This sea moss, in its broad and beautiful, ocean moist, natural form, is available straight from the ocean, at the best value on the market! Especially considering the quality.

This sea moss is 100% pure, and natural, so it will require some cleaning. As such, there may be some variances in color and shape based on growth stage, season, and harvest location. This is a wonderful sign of authentic irish sea moss.

Natural sea salts or sand from the ocean may be seen in the product, which proves authenticity, and is one of the reasons our customers feel assured in quality!

Sea moss will have a strong ocean aroma. Only pure ocean water has been in contact with this sea moss. For long-lasting sea moss please store it in a cool place or it will perish away.

This item is raw meaning that we have not added any ingredients.

*Sea moss will need to be washed and rinsed at the time of preparation.




Shipping: May take up to 2-4 weeks for items to arrive from order processed date. 

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