Who Am I?

Are you a natural balance of masculine and feminine energies?
Did you know that your natural flow of energy should be a equal balance between the two, no matter if you're a man or woman?
Being aware of your energies and how you express those energies is very important, not only in how you relate to others, but also how you relate to yourself.
Could your feminine be internally abusing your masculine, or your masculine being overbearing to your feminine?
So many are fighting the silent but deadly battle of control within themselves, and most times aren't even aware of it. Some symptoms of these are listed below.
Others are suffering from the traumas of childhood and domestic abuse because they elude more of the opposite energy that someone didn't see as acceptable, and tried to force one over the other.
It's important that we recognize these behaviors and heal from them so that we no longer have to suffer.
Stop beating yourself up for being uniquely you. You were never created to be like the rest. You were never meant to fit inside anybody's little box.
You were made in the perfect image of your Creators creativity.
Let go of what they said about you in the past. They just couldn't handle how brightly your light shined so they needed to find a way to dim it.
Try shinning, in the mirror, the brightest light you can find, and then stare at it. 😯
It's never too late to begin the journey of healing yourself. You're never too old.
Now is the right time to embark on this journey of self awareness and balance within.
Balance, in all areas of your life, holds the key to your infinite supply of happiness. 🙏💝🙏

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